Premonition : “I’m going to win today”.

I’ve mentioned before about having a feeling that you’re going to win, and a package arrives through the door. It happened to me on the day I won the DVDs. It also happened last Friday.

Emma and I were taking the kids to the park on Friday afternoon. As we were leaving the house – at 5pm – I said that I thought I was going to get a win that day.  Within the hour, I’d received a tweet to let me know that I was one of ten winners for a CBeebies competition. (My second win courtesy of Twitaculous). Now, my wife is remarkably generous in the way that she humours me with the competition thing. It was therefore very graceful of her not to burst out laughing at me when I suggested that these premonitions of competition wins had some form of credibility.

She ought to have laughed at me. It’s plainly ridiculous. If we do have some previously undiscovered, prehistoric ancient sixth sense then I doubt very much it’s attuned to unsent tweets.  I had the ‘competition winning’ feeling on Thursday morning and nothing came of it. Our car did pass it’s MOT without any work though, so I guess it could have related to that. Or maybe I won a competition but the prize hasn’t arrived yet?

No. Stop it. You’re a rational, intelligent(!) adult. What would be the point of a psychic ability to tell you’re going to win a competition? It’s useless. It’s not a survival aid. It doesn’t help you win competitions. If you win, you’re going to get the prize whether you get a premonition or not. Am I really suggesting there’s a spiritual early warning system for lucky compers? Am I the only one to get this?

Bizarre. As is my inbox, which is full of lies. My inbox lies to me. Here’s a screenshot (with my name blanked out).


I haven’t won an iPod Shuffle, have I? I’ve won an opportunity to be spammed further by some email farmers. I don’t even want your iPod Shuffle, you inbox bandits. Who does? Are there many people left who’s phones don’t already provide this function? Needless to say this view will change the moment if / when I win one of these delightful technological marvels.

A nice note to finish on this week. I had previously posted about winning a Dreamworks Cuddly toy from Smart Shoppers UK. When Jenny was in hospital, she slept with the toy in her cot, as the photos showed. Smart Shoppers were touched by this, and sent a further three teddies for Jenny. She’s over the moon. A lovely, much appreciated gesture. Thank you Smart Shoppers. I didn’t see that coming. :)

Competitions entered : 4727

Win #9 : CBeebies and Octonauts goodies.

Current win rate : 1 win every 2 weeks approx.

2 thoughts on “Premonition : “I’m going to win today”.

  1. Hi, thanks for posting this every week,i really look forward to it.About the premonition thing,i get that as well but nobodt really believes me!
    On holiday abroad once and i said to my OH “I’ve just won a prize,I know it—how they laughed,got home to a lovely mountain bike from an ASDA slogan comp.Oh the good old days of entry forms,qualifiers and slogans and getting an lwe.I think I liked it better then.
    My OH won his first prize today,ok,only a mars sports kit but hey,he’s really chuffed so that’ll keep him busy entering more (unless he’s out there playing bat n ball.
    Glad all your news is good.

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